To use the Public Access Portal
  • Allow this page to generate pop-ups (do not block pop-ups).
  • If not already installed, install Adobe Acrobat Reader (used to view the Official Immunization Record). Download for free at


The Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation (CHCC) launches its new online portal for immunization records. The portal allows adults, parents, or legal guardians to view and print immunization records, including COVID-19 vaccination for their child(ren) (ages 0-17 years). 

For individuals that have 2 names identified as their first name, please try entering both names on the First Name line of the system to avoid delays in accessing records.

Parents and people 18 years and older should call the CHCC at (670)236-8745 to update their contact information before accessing the portal. Contact information for children must be the same as their parent/legal guardian to use the portal. Incorrect contact information will cause delays in accessing you or your child’s record. 

Vaccine recipients or parents and legal guardians of minor children can download and print an official immunization record through the online portal. An official record can be used as proof of immunization for employment, travel, or other purposes. 

Assistance with updating contact information is available by calling telephone number (670) 236-8745, available Monday to Saturday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. (CHST).